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Let The Candle Burn

by Natalie Brown

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LET THE CANDLE BURN Natalie Brown & Jeremy Rwakaara V1 I can feel your tension baby Sense that you need some relief Let me ease your burden Come lie down on these sheets Let me take your clothes off And rub your body good You know that I love you baby I’d do anything for you Yes, you know I would I’ll light a candle and let it burn Wax melting slow, candlelight glow Chorus: Let the candle burn baby All the way down tonight I can sense you need me I’ma make everything a’ight Just watch the candle burn Melting nice and slow I’ma make it betta baby I just want you to know V2 Do you know what joy I feel When I ease your strain Makes me feel all warm baby When you feel happy Cast your cares aside Throw your thoughts into the wind Every pleasure baby Lovingly I will provide I’ll light a candle and let it burn Wax melting slow, candlelight glow Bridge: I’ll light a candle Let it burn up slow Watch the wax melt down Let the candles glow We can take our time shuga Take it slow ‘Cuz there ain’t no where to go Burn, Burn all the way down tonight Burn, burn, I’ll make everything right © 2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY Natalie Brown & Jeremy Rwakaara Rap by Jeremy Boucher & John Willis (High Intent) V1 I love it when you hold me When your loving arms enfold me I’m so captured by your love It’s such a sweet gift from up above I know that you’re attracted By the sweet scent of my perfume I can feel your stare pierce through me I can sense you all around the room Chorus: I love you more today than yesterday Believe this vow of love I make No one will ever come between us My vow of love will never break Yes my love, it’s true I’ll stay V2 When you say you’ll be true to me I’ll be faithful too boy, you will see You make me quiver wild with joy ‘Cuz I know that I’m your girl and you’re my boy You’re my pride and joy of life I wanna be your loving wife Forevermore we’ll be as one And we will know that the work of love is done Bridge: You’re the one I long for, baby You’re the one I need So believe me when I tell you I love you more today than yesterday RAP I’m on the phone and on my lap I feel my pager snap I think it’s Nat, Flow I’ll have to hit you back (cool) Cuz if it’s true what she’s saying There’s no delaying Oh the HI giving love through the spit No oversprayin’ through rhyme we’re laying Heavy prayin’ we make it happen One day, we write with feather and ink On silk and satin This rap, is just a piece of the pie that I be bakin While others be lost and waitin’ The Willis be out creatin’ now Connect the dots combine the knots with Nat We blow back obese stacks Stay on point like tacs When tracks get laid Rhymes get sprayed with ease-a-bleeze Is what we’re accustomed to Don’t ever trust them fools Stay on hit, make your own shit and bruise their ego HI come with smooth flow If you know, then do show love Don’t bug out JJ on deck in the dugout We break south and blam Knock the negative out your mouth I love you more today © 2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP
YOU MAKE ME FEEL Chorus: You make me feel The way that a woman should feel You give the kind of love that is real Yes, I sense it inside You make me feel So complete, it’s right And I wanna love you for life Yes, you make me feel V1 From the first day that we met I knew we were meant for each other And now I can’t imagine Being with any other You came into my world, so unexpectedly I never thought I’d find someone Who I could love for eternity You put your hand in mine I love that you can read my mind Anticipate my every need With you I wanna be V2 It wasn’t so long ago That I felt unloved and alone You walked into my life A bright star to give me light You give the respect that I need Baby, I feel like your queen Seems when we’re together Time is still, we are in heaven The things you do for me So precious and so sweet Ecstasy is what I feel When it’s you and me Bridge: Yes, when you’re with me I feel that I can do anything Baby, when you kiss me I feel the way that a woman should feel ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
You're So Good To Me Natalie Brown, Jeremy Rwakaara V1 You’re the sunshine in my day So excited by your moves By your every way But I can’t seem to find the perfect way To say I want your love with me every day Chorus: You’re so good to me baby Wanna tell you that lately Can’t seem to get you out of my mind You’re so good to me baby V2 You’re the moonlight in my night My heart’s been acting crazy And my tongue is playing lazy I’m positive that this love is so right Gotta find a way to tell you That I am yours tonight Bridge: Gotta find a way to tell you That I want us to be forevermore No Just can’t help it, baby ‘Cuz my heart’s begun to soar You, You’ve been so good to me And I, been thinking about ya lately ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
YOU PIERCED MY SOUL Natalie Brown, Jeremy Rwakaara V1 Sometimes I feel like I’m standing naked before you Even though I’m fully clothed Do you know what it feels like to have someone staring inside you Someone you barely know And that someone can look inside your soul And face you with your deepest fears You’ve seen what no one else has seen What is it that you want me to feel? And I have never known a feeling such as this And it doesn’t take a touch Not even a simple kiss What is it that you are doing to me? What is it that you’re trying to make me see? Chorus: You pierced my soul Now I am aware I’m not fully whole I can’t deny Something inside I’ve yet to find Your eyes have made me aware Now I have no control Because you, because you pierced my soul V2 And it’s not even a sexual thing you do It’s something that I can’t describe And even though I feel scared inside Somehow you make it all alright And I know it’s going to be a journey And the pain is just a part of it all But I think that you will be there for me If somehow I start to fall And I have never known a feeling such as this And it doesn’t take a touch Not even a simple kiss What is it that you are doing to me? What is it that you’re trying to make me see? ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
Run Away 03:40
RUN AWAY V1 I’m gettin’ frustrated with the way you deal with things You always withdraw from me, refuse to communicate I don’t know how much more, more that I can take I’ve given all I can, tried to give you everything I’ve tried a thousand times To get you to be real with me You promise that you’ll change That your priorities will rearrange But I’m tired of the games The silly way you play I share my heart with you In return all that you do is… Chorus: You just run away, just run away Nothing to offer, no words to say You just run away, just run away You don’t deal with the problems at hand You just run away, just run away You don’t connect With me you don’t stay You just run away, you run away You cop out and you run away V2 You took some time off, took some time “to think” But baby, behind my back I think you’re playing games I waited by the phone for you to call today But it didn’t ring I guess you don’t think of me when you’re away You say you love me but your words and actions don’t justify You just playin’ with my heart, do the least to get by I can’t take anymore of you runnin’ out the door Babe, I gave all that I have, but you don’t care cuz you just run away Bridge: I ain’t takin’ this no more Gonna get out on my own Out on my own gonna settle the score I’ve played this game a thousand times But baby this time it’s me who is breakin’ the ties I’ve taken all I can, but no, no more ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
Locked in the Shadows V1 I’m in your shadows constantly You never allow me to be free Can’t even express my own opinion ‘Cause I’m controlled by your dominion I am locked in the shadows of your love Chorus: I’m locked in the shadows of your love There’s no escape, I’ll never reach above I’m locked in the shadows of your love I’ll never be the real me, you’ll never let me go free I’m locked in the shadows of your love I wish you’d let me go, let me be on my own But I am locked in the shadows of your love V2 I have endeavored many times To escape your paralyzing ties But it’s futile and it’s hopeless, why do I even try You stole my heart so I can’t feel And imprisoned it in a cage of steel I’m locked in the shadows of your love Bridge: I wish I could be free From all this insanity I wish you would let me go So that I could have a life that’s all my own © 1998, 2000 natfunk music (BMI)
Confused 04:08
CONFUSED V1 I feel a challenge in my soul today Questioning things I believed in so firmly yesterday How can I have faith in myself and what I feel to be true When the next day I feel my heart and mind telling me something new I feel the twisting of my soul today Something is challenging my perceptions And what I’m going through is hard And I admit, right now I’m not O.K. So... Chorus: Right now, I am confused Right now, I don’t exactly know what to choose This day feels so unlike the rest Right now, I am confused V2 I feel a burden in my spirit today Feels like everything that I’ve ever trusted in Has been washed away I feel like I’m grappling for the truth Don’t understand decisions that I made while in my youth In my mind I know I gotta live with what I’ve chosen But in my heart I struggle ‘Cuz I can’t live with a heart that’s frozen Inside my heart and soul just want to fly Bridge: All my questions came to late I don’t get a chance to reevaluate? Can not bear to live with choices I made Gonna make a change Feel a change in my soul today Gonna let the past fade away Won’t be confused no more ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
WIND AT MY BACK V1 All of my life I never believed in myself Or what I had to offer this world Trust me when I say it has been hard to make it this far I have my share of scars V2 I’ve wandered near and far searching for purpose in life I understand now that I have something to give And I can not hesitate as I revaluate I’ve finally opened my eyes Chorus: With the wind at my back And the road ‘neath my feet With the gifts I was given at birth No one can take them I will follow my dreams I will do what it takes With the wind at my back and my dreams No one can take them from me V3 It is so very hard when your soul wakes up slow You have to work over time to help it grow And I have realized as I have awakened from my slumber That even if it’s late, it’s better than never Bridge: It’s amazing how I could not see All along strength lived in me I have a gift that resides inside This truth now, I can’t deny I’ve struggled to make it this far And no matter how hard I have opened my eyes, I am whole Blow wind blow, blow me on from here Blow wind blow, blow away my fear ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
YOU GOTTA BELIEVE Chorus: You gotta believe, believe in you You gotta have faith, faith in all you do You gotta stay strong, no matter what comes your way Get on your knees so you won’t stray V1 You’ve been thinking about your life And wondering what to do You have some big dreams inside But how do you see them through When you don’t know where to go To make a start Tell ya what, listen to your heart Focus on the prize, dreams will be realized No matter what people say, keep going anyway V2 Sometimes when you Have a dream to achieve Things get rough and tight But ya gotta believe That if you stay in the game You’ll come out on top So give it your all, don’t ever stop Focus on the prize, dreams will be realized No matter what people say, keep going anyway Bridge: Focus so you won’t stray No matter what people will say Keep on goin’ do your best Know that you will be blessed ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
LOVE HAS FINALLY CALLED MY NAME Chorus: We are dancing outside And the rain is falling down And the downpour is twisting us around ‘Till we fall to the ground Baby in your arms I feel shelter from the storm As we lie here drenched by rain Love has finally called my name V1 Enchanted by your stare Suddenly, I’m made unaware Of the noises that surround us And the traffic on the street Baby, in my world right now There’s just you and me How I’ve longed for your embrace It makes my heart race To be dancing like this in your arms So secure, so safe so warm Even though the rain falls all around me V2 I wondered when it would happen When love would call my name And I knew that when it happened I’d never be the same And now my life is filled With streams of dreams and stardust Knowing that forever Your heart will beat with mine Baby it’s no mystery I’m as in love with you As you are with me Dancing in the street as the rain falls Bridge: Flooded by desire And passion flows so free Never experienced this joy I feel As you’re lying here with me ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
IN YOUR ARMS AGAIN V1 I remember standing there Compelled by the grip of your stare Wanting you to hold me forever No words were said, instead It’s like we knew that you’d never stop loving me And I, I’d never stop loving you Chorus: If I could be in your arms again I’d say the things I wanted to say I’d tell you I love you And that I never wanted you to go away If I could be in your arms again I’d never let you go That’s the way it would be If I could be in your arms again V2 I remember standing there The soft breeze blowing slightly through my hair Entranced, we were- of time, we weren’t aware No words were spoken, yet, our hearts were broken As we realized that to survive We could never look into Each other’s eyes again Bridge: The power of this gentle stare Has touched us, made us aware Even though our hearts say yes We must beware, avert the gaze, there’s too much power The power of this forbidden gaze Is dangerous, we must beware That’s why we had to turn away ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)
In My Dreams 03:33
IN MY DREAMS V1 Even though we said good-bye quite some time ago There’s a strand of love in my heart That just can’t let you go It seems that even when I go to sleep Images of you my mind still keeps Chorus: And I still see you in my dreams No matter how I try it seems That a deep part of me just can’t forget That a big part of me still has regrets And I can’t seem to let all the love I had for you go Yes, I still see you in my dreams V2 Sometimes I wake with your face in my mind Somehow I thought that I’d left those memories behind It seems that you have left my heart frustrated With vivid memories your smile created ©2000 natfunk music (BMI), zikki publishing (ASCAP)


This 13 song debut album by singer/songwriter Natalie Brown is sure to please any R&B/Pop lover. Well crafted lyrics with emotional vocal performance and pop-driven musical production make this a timeless CD to add to your collection.


released November 14, 2000

Lead and Background Vocals: Natalie Brown | Keyboards & Drum Programming: Jeremy Rwakaara | Guitar on "Run Away" & "More Today Than Yesterday": Anthony Isley | Additional BGV's on "More Today Than Yesterday": Jonathan ‘J.J.’ Jones | "More Today Than Yesterday" Rap Written and Performed by: High Intent (John Willis & Jeremy Boucher) | Album Produced by: Jeremy Rwakaara for Zikki Productions | Recorded at: Laughing Tiger Studios and Hyde Street Studios, S.F., CA | Mixed at: Hyde Street Studios by Matt Kelley | Mastered at: Ken Lee Mastering, S.F., CA by: Ken Lee | Original Album Artwork Photography by: Bill Lemon | Cover Makeup by: Koshin | Inside and Back Makeup by: Alma Garcia and Kiki Morgain | Braid Stylist: Alma Garcia
Find out more about Natalie online @


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Natalie Brown Toronto, Ontario

Born in Canada, Natalie Brown‘s passion for music was nurtured from a young age by her involvement in theater, gospel music, creative writing and local session work as a vocalist and writer. With a substantial body of recorded work behind her in addition to this latest release, Natalie is now living in Africa and sharing her adventures via her weekly Vlog on YouTube. Click the YouTube link below. ... more

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